How many cats does big gay al have

Where are all of Big Gay Al’s cats?

  • Cat #1 – south of The Bijou Theater.
  • Cat #2 – South Park Mall.
  • Cat #3 – Church.
  • Cat #4 – SoDoSoPa.
  • Cat #5 – North of Hillvale Farm.

Where can I find Big Gay cats with ALS?

Scavenger Hunt: Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Cats

  • Big Gay Bogie. To begin, head to Hillvale Farm on the northeast end of town. …
  • Big Gay Blossom. Go to SoDoSoPa and look for the pinwheel to initiate the Fartkour ability. …
  • Big Gay Shadow. Go just left of The Playground to find this cat. …
  • Big Gay Loki. …
  • Big Gay Kirby. …
  • Big Gay Bono.

How do you answer Big Gay Al phone?

Walk up to the large yellow button at the bottom of the phone and hit the X button. You can only do that if the phone is ringing.

How do you catch the cats in South Park?

To catch the cats, slowly approach it but don’t get too close. If you do and the cat runs away, you can use your time fart power to rewind time and reset the position of the cat. Once close enough, use the time fart power to stop time, and walk up and grab the cat.

How do you time a fart pause?

To Time Fart Pause, hold L2/LT and R2/RT and then push both the analog sticks in toward the center of the controller. If done correctly, time will stop for five seconds. Outside of battle, the Time Fart Pause allows you to sneak past normally impassable hazards such as electrical traps laid by the Sixth Graders.

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Where is the bucket of Memberberry juice?

Next, go to Hillvale Farm northeast of town. Look to the left to find a slot to place the crank. Spin this to acquire the Bucket of Memberberry Juice. Finally, go to Freeman’s Tacos and purchase the Chocolate Memberito Recipe.

How do I get to SoDoSoPa?

First, make sure you’ve got access to the Fartkour buddy power that you’ll unlock as you play through the game, then make your way over to SoDoSoPa on the far right-hand side of the map. You can either walk there or use the fast travel point. Once you arrive, walk over to the lofts and look for the small pinwheel fan.

How do you get Cartman’s brownies?

Go to Cartman’s House and speak to Ms. Cartman in the kitchen to start the Vigilante Marketing side mission. Travel to Skeeter’s Wine Bar and hand out her business cards to the gentlemen inside, then return to Ms. Cartman to receive your chocolate reward.

How do you get past farmer’s fractured whole?

Head straight ahead and you’ll see an old farmer who blocks your path while warning that he “wouldn’t go down that road”. Lead him far to one side, and pause time. While time is paused, grab the nearby bucket of Memberberries and position it so that it blocks the walking Pet Sematary reference’s path.

What is the max level in South Park Stick of Truth?


How many quests are in Stick of Truth?


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