How to say gay in portuguese

What does BOHA mean?

Definition. BOHA. Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area (US National Park Service) BOHA. Board of Health Approval.

How do you say swear words in Portuguese?

Palavrão means literally big word which can be translated in bad or ugly word, and dizer/falar palavrões (to say/ to talk) is to use obscene language. Praguejar (Portugal) and Xingar (Brazil) is to swear, to curse.

What does karai mean in Portuguese?

carai {interjection}

{interj.} [coll.] carai (also: caraio)

What does Gatinha mean in Brazil?

Gatinha – Babe (pronounced “gah-cheen-ya”)

Literally meaning kitty, gatinha is used in a number of contexts, but is commonly used to mean babe, or beautiful or sexy girl.

What is a cambio?

: a money exchange especially in a Latin country.

What does POHA mean?

Poha is nothing but rice that has been parboiled, rolled, flattened and then dried to produce flakes.

What’s up in Portuguese slang?

“ E ai (ee-eye-ee) is a mouthful of vowels that basically means “What’s up?” It is most commonly used as a way to greet friends, often followed by a Tudo bem? or Beleza?. If the conversation is even more intimate or among friends, it will most certainly contain a mano or cara (Brazilian slang for dude/bro).

What are some Portuguese words?

Top 10 cool and common Portuguese words pronounced by native Portuguese speakers

  • Olá. = Hello. …
  • amor = love. Love is a universal feeling and we definitely had to talk about it here. …
  • felicidade = happiness. When there’s love, there’s definitely happiness. …
  • gato = cat. …
  • cão = dog. …
  • sorrir = smile. …
  • brasileiro = brazilian.
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What do you say to a Portuguese girl?

Portuguese Love Phrases

  • Love is in the air. O amor está no ar.
  • I like you. Eu gosto de ti.
  • You are beautiful (said to a woman) Você é linda.
  • You have a beautiful smile (said to a man) Tens um sorriso lindo.
  • I adore you. Eu adoro-te.
  • You are my love. Tu és o meu amor.
  • I want to make love with you. Eu quero fazer amor contigo.
  • I want to be with you forever.

How do you call a girl beautiful in Portuguese?

‘Linda’ means ‘beautiful’ (in an outstanding way). That’s a compliment, but not an usual way to call a woman. Street-smart people often employ this word, but that’s tricky. ‘Gatinha’ literally means ‘kitten’ (female).

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