Is kale a lesbian

Are kale and Caulifla a couple?

Caulifla and Kale have a protégé – student relationship. While it is possible that Kale is attracted to Caulifla (Cabba might attest to that), Caulifla definitely thinks that Kale is awesome. After Goku had critically injured Caulifla, Kale was shown caring for her, and tending to her. So, for now, just close friends.

Does kale have a crush on Caulifla?

Re: Is Toei’s Kale supposed to have a crush on Caulifla? No, she’s not and I don’t know why so many people have this urge that this is a thing. Kale has an incredibly common “appreciation of a sibling-like character” thing going on in anime.

Is Kale a girl?

Kale, sometimes spelt as Kayle or abbreviated from Kalen, is a Gaelic unisex given name, although it is more commonly given to males. It is derived from the Gaelic, Hebrew, כאלב, and Germanic languages, and it is used largely in the English and Hawaiian languages.

Is Kale a canon?

Caulifla and Kale are both 100% canon.

Does Caulifla kiss Goku?

No according to what I have seen in the anime Caulifla doesn’t kiss Goku nor does she attempt to to do so. But their are a lot of fanart about them kissing and also a lot of people do ship Caulifla and goku.18 мая 2020 г.

Is Caulifla female Goku?

Caulifla is the female amalgamate of both Goku and Vegeta. Temperamentally she is the female Vegeta. She dominates Cabba like Vegeta dominates Goku regarding arguments. She’s the younger sibling to a saiyan warrior whom she originally weaker than but eventually surpasses in battle power and fighting skill like Goku.

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Who is the weakest Super Saiyan?

Dragon Ball: The 7 Weakest Saiyans (& The 8 Strongest)

  1. 1 Strongest: Kale. Kale is a female Saiyan who hails from Universe 6 and also a Legendary Super Saiyan.
  2. 2 Weakest: King Vegeta. …
  3. 3 Strongest: Gohan. …
  4. 4 Weakest: Fasha. …
  5. 5 Strongest: Future Trunks. …
  6. 6 Weakest: Gine. …
  7. 7 Strongest: Goku Black. …
  8. 8 Weakest: Turles. …

22 мая 2020 г.

Who has a crush on Goku?

11-year old Chi-Chi first met Son Goku when her father Gyu Mao sent him to get the Bancho-Fan, a magical fan that would put out the fire surrounding their castle. After Goku asked Chi-Chi if she was a girl in the most personal manner, she developed a crush on him, believing his advances to be a sign of affection.

Who is stronger kale or Caulifla?

Going by the Canon Manga Base Kale could beat SSJ Caulifla as Golden Frieza stated Kale’s Base Form stung a bit more than SSJ Caulifla’s strikes meaning that Base Kale is straight up more powerful.

Is Broly a girl?

In regards to Broly, fans are not sure what kind of power level Caulifla has when she goes Super Saiyan, but her transformation is uncanny to the Legendary Super Saiyan form. The girl is shown with greenish-yellow hair, bulging muscles and pupil-free eyes.

Is Goku stronger than kale?

No, kale is not stronger than SSB Goku. Goku not used even half of his power against kale. If you watch Episode 100 and exhibition match between goku and bergamo and fight against zamasu then you know the difference between the kamehameha used by goku.

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Is Kale The female Broly?

Secondly, Kale has never been called a “Legendary Super Saiyan”, her form really never got an official name and was simply an homage to Broly’s form, as a bit of fan-service. Broly, on the other hand, has indeed been called the “Legendary Super Saiyan”, and therefore is the Legendary Super Saiyan. Kale is not.

Why did kale turn into Broly?

This is because the character of Kale was based off Broly. During a story conference, it was mentioned that the character of Broly was very popular. Hence, it was suggested to include a Broly like character in the Tournament of Power. This resulted in the creation of Kale.

Is Kale stronger than Broly?

Kale is far stronger than Broly. She mastered LSSJ or “Berserker Saiyan” and when she was in that stated, she was handling herself against a SSG well. Broly got one punched from a strengthened Super Saiyan Goku. … A Kame from a SSJ3 alone would destroy Broly.

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