Is nicole curtis a lesbian

How much is Nicole Curtis worth?

Nicole Curtis net worth: Nicole Curtis is a licensed realtor, interior designer, and reality TV show personality who has a net worth of $7 million dollars.

Did Nicole Curtis have a baby?

“Rehab Addict” star Nicole Curtis has reached a settlement with her baby daddy, bringing an end to his attempt to strip her of custody. … The agreement states the two will now share joint physical and legal custody of their 3-year-old son, Harper.

Who is Nicole Curtis baby daddy?

Maguire says he will be calling on Steven Cimini, who is the father of Curtis’ 20-year-old son, Ethan.

What is Nicole Curtis doing these days?

Nicole Curtis Just Became Insta-Official With Her New Boyfriend. The star of HGTV’s hit show Rehab Addict, Nicole Curtis, has officially announced her new relationship to the world—via an adorable Instagram post.

How old is Nicole rehab?

44 years (August 20, 1976)

Who is Nicole Curtis dating now?

Nicole Curtis is finally opening up about the new man in her life! The Rehab Addict star, 42, tells PEOPLE exclusively she has been dating Ryan Sawtelle for more than a year. Sawtelle is the Executive Director and founder of the White Heart Foundation, a military nonprofit.

How did Shane Maguire and Nicole Curtis meet?

Curtis and Maguire had been in an on-and-off relationship that ended just after she discovered she was pregnant in 2014. Although they met in Minnesota, Curtis eventually moved to Detroit, Michigan, after giving birth to Harper.

What happened to Nicole Curtis son?

Nicole Curtis Says Son Was Taken from Her Arms on Thanksgiving Due to Custody Agreement. Nicole Curtis was separated from her three-year-old son, Harper, on Thanksgiving due to a strict custody arrangement. She opened up about her traumatic experience and trying to support other parents in similar situations to PEOPLE.

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Who is Tessa on rehab addict?

The last two episodes of season seven were dedicated to Rehab Addict carpenter Bobby Prothero’s daughter Tessa, who was battling pediatric cancer. Tessa, 9, who often made appearances on Curtis’s Instagram account and at book signings, passed away on June 17.

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