Swtor lesbian romance options

Can you romance in swtor?

Romance is in the air in Star Wars: The Old Republic. In true BioWare fashion, romantic pursuits are possible with your Companions and some other NPCs.

Can you romance Nadia Grell as a female?

To start a romance with her, after she asks that you take on the galaxy together like old times, choose the dialogue option “[Flirt] I want more.” which will have your character say “I want to be more than your teacher, or your partner, Nadia.” To confirm the romance, during the next dialogue option, choose “[Kiss …

Can you romance Ashara as dark side?

Ashara isn’t like the SW Jaesa companion where if you pick the darkside option she is romance able. When you first start off with her she doesn’t trust you nor like you. IF you run LS and plan to use her as a companion you’ll probably get more affection gains and have to spend less on gifts.17 мая 2012 г.

Can a female Sith Warrior romance Jaesa?

Whether Jaesa remains on the light side or falls to the dark side depends on how the Sith Warrior known as the Empire’s Wrath recruits her. The Male Sith Warrior can romance her and later marry her, but these options are only presented if they are both aligned to the dark side of the Force.

Can you romance multiple people in swtor?

Not true romances. If you try and romance both the eligible companions there comes a point where they force you to choose, all that post is giving you is the maximum point you can run to with both until said choice comes.

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Can you romance more than one companion in swtor?

Nope only one. If you romance two, you are eventually confronted by the two and have to pick. “There is one lesson you’ve yet to learn. How to become one with the Force!”

How do I get Nadia Grell?

you get Nadia around lv 43ish on average. I got her around lv40 and I’ve seen a few others doing the same. If you’re keen to get her asap just follow your class quests. Belsavis although I’m taking it slow and am already at level 40 and still haven’t gone to Hoth so it’ll be a while before I personally get her.

Can you romance Ashara as a female?

Romance. Ashara can be romanced by the male Sith Inquisitor.

Can you marry Ashara in swtor?

Even though she is a Sith Inquisitor’s companion, Ashara is still a Jedi and believes in adhering to the Jedi code & edicts of the Jedi Council. Therefore, you will never marry her because the Jedi Council forbids marriages amongst Jedi.

Can you romance Arcann?

This mission is available to all players, who have completed KOTFE and KOTET and have kept Arcann alive. The alliance alert is called “Unmasked Regret”. After nearly 2 years of fans asking for a romantic relationship with Arcann to be made available, Bioware finally allowed this.

Can you romance Jaesa Willsaam light side?

One important thing to know is that light-side Jaesa is not receptive to a true relationship – she will offer to bear your children, but she considers it an honor, and not part of a romance, and there are no [FLIRT] options. …

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