The 100 clarke lesbian

Did Clarke and Lexa sleep together?

After teasing an attraction between space station expat Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Grounder Commander Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), “Thirteen” finally let them have sex and a happy moment — only to immediately kill Lexa with a stray bullet meant for Clarke. The uproar over the death of Lexa was — and remains — messy.

Who is Clarke’s love interest in the 100?

Instead, Clarke went on to find love and loss with Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), and Raven … well, Raven’s had her heart broken pretty constantly since Season 2.

Who does Clarke from the 100 end up with?

Bellamy Blake

Who does Clarke kiss in the 100?


Who has Clarke slept with?

Clarke kisses Niylah and they have sex. In Wanheda (Part 2), Niylah is seen being beaten and thrown around inside her trading post by Roan’s partner. The Grounder wants to know where Wanheda, Clarke, is. However, Niylah refuses to give him any information.

Is Lexa in love with Clarke?

Lexa agrees and kisses Clarke. Clarke kisses Lexa back and the kiss is long and passionate. Eventually, Clarke pulls away because she’s not ready “to be with anyone” so soon after Finn’s death. However, Clarke adds “not yet” and that gives Lexa hope that a relationship may happen in the future.

Who is the father of Clarke’s daughter?

The 100 captured an Earth-born girl, Sasha Walgrove, and she reveals there are people from the Colony who arrived before the 100. Clarke eventually meets Sasha’s father, Max, who is a leader of an underground colony underneath the ruins of Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center.

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Does Octavia get pregnant in the 100?

THE 100 actress Marie Avgeropoulous’ promises her character Octavia Blake will turn a new leaf in season seven. … In that episode it is revealed Octavia helps raise Hope, Diyoza’s daughter, whom she was pregnant with for 235 years.

Who gets pregnant in the 100?

Milicevic was pregnant at the time of filming season five. She found out she was pregnant the day before she started filming. Because of Milicevic’s pregnancy, the writers changed the season 5 storyline to add her character, Charmaine Diyoza, also being pregnant.

Did Bellamy and Clarke kiss?

Bellamy tries to convince her they did what was necessary, but Clarke just can’t not think about it and look at all of the people she saved every day, knowing how she got them there. Clarke then kisses Bellamy on the cheek then hugs him, telling him to take care of everyone.

Who all died in the 100?

While every death is heartbreaking, some did more to affect the story than others.

  • 3 Mount Weather.
  • 4 Lexa. …
  • 5 Lincoln. …
  • 6 Conclave. …
  • 7 Josephine. …
  • 8 Finn. …
  • 9 Charlotte. It was Charlotte that killed Wells. …
  • 10 Wells. For shock value or not, Wells Jaha’s death made it clear that The 100 was willing to kill off significant characters. …

Who does Clarke marry in the 100?

Congratulations are in order for Eliza Taylor, 29, and Bob Morley, 34. The actors, who play the beloved Clarke and Bellamy on the hit CW show The 100, revealed that they are together and got married recently.

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Did Bellamy and Clarke date in real life?

Although their two characters are in a purely platonic relationship on the show, fans can take comfort in knowing the duo are together in real life. Despite the hopes of fans, Rothenberg’s words suggest he prefers Clarke and Bellamy to remain unromantic.

Does Clarke Love Bellamy?

Whether platonic or romantic, it can hardly be denied that Bellamy and Clarke love each other. … Throughout the series, Bellamy and Clarke are at their most emotional — and often make the most illogical decisions — when the other person is involved, and that’s because of the undefined but mutual love between them.

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