Mysteries of the abandoned cast transgender

Who is the transgender on mysteries of the abandoned?

Aryeh Nusbacher

Who are the experts on mysteries of the abandoned?

The core team member who appears in the show is Kasper Michaels, who takes over the role of the narrator. Other experts who appear are the space physicist Dr. Martin Archer, structural engineer Roma Agarwal who has expertise in studying ancient structures, and Andrew Gough who is a historian and an author.16 мая 2020 г.

Is Lynette Nusbacher married?

Мелани Брайтв браке с 1998 г.

Does Dr Lynette Nusbacher have a brother?

Lynette Nusbacher brother

There is a lot of information online that the twin brother of Lynette is called Jonas Maines, but in fact, he is a sibling of transgender activist Nicole Maines, not Lynette.

Who is Melanie Bright married to?

Lynette Nusbacherm. 1998

Where is Lynette Nusbacher from?

New York, New York, United States

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