Transgender candidate for vermont governor

What states have transgender governors?

Christine Hallquist (born April 11, 1956) is an American politician and former CEO of Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC). She is the first openly transgender major-party nominee for governor in the United States, winning the 2018 Democratic nomination for Governor of Vermont with over 40% of the vote.

Is Vermont Democrat or Republican?

Bush in 1988, it gave Democrat Bill Clinton a 16-point margin in 1992—the first time the state had gone Democratic since 1964. Vermont has voted Democratic in every presidential election since. Since 2004, Vermont has been one of the Democrats’ most loyal states.

Who is the current governor of Vermont?

Фил Скоттс 2017 г.

How old do you have to be to run for governor in Vermont?

State governmentStateGovernorUpper HouseVermontNoneNoneVirginia3021Washington18*18*West Virginia3018

How old is Phil Scott?

62 years (August 4, 1958)

Is the governor of Vermont a democratic?

Vermont and bordering New Hampshire are now the only states to hold gubernatorial elections every 2 years, instead of every 4 as in the other 48 U.S. states. … The incumbent Vermont Governor is Republican Phil Scott. He was sworn in on January 5, 2017, becoming Vermont’s 82nd Governor.

Is Vermont a trump state?

Donald Trump received 29.8% of the vote and won only Essex County–the most rural and sparsely populated county in the state. He was the first Republican presidential candidate to win a county in Vermont since George W. … Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, received 3.1%, and Green Party nominee Jill Stein received 2.1%.

Is Vermont good place to live?

A new CNBC report ranks Vermont as the best place to live in America. The business channel used factors like affordable housing, education quality, cost of living, healthcare quality, job opportunities and environment to come up with the state rankings.

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What is a livable wage in Vermont?

$13.34 per hour

Who is running for lieutenant governor in Vermont?

In 2016 Zuckerman ran for lieutenant governor as a Progressive, and also received the nomination of the Democratic Party by defeating Speaker of the Vermont House of Representatives Shap Smith and Representative Kesha Ram in the Democratic primary.

Where is Phil Scott?

Barre, Vermont, United States

Is Phil Scott married?

Angie Wrightm. ?–1997Diana McTeague Scott

How old do you have to be to run for local office?

To be a Representative, a person must be aged 25 or older. This is specified in the U.S. Constitution. Most states in the U.S. also have age requirements for the offices of Governor, State Senator, and State Representative. Some states have a minimum age requirement to hold any elected office (usually 21 or 18).

How old do you have to be to run for mayor in Alabama?

BreadcrumbOfficeMinimum AgeRegistered Voter 1Mayor 7, 2218yesMust be a resident of the city for 90 days prior to election.City Council 7, 2318yesMust be a resident of the city or district for 90 days prior to election.

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